Representative Baseball Program Playing Philosophy


MWDBA – Baseball for All Ages

We will live by ‘WE’ over ‘ME’

Baseball is a team sport. Success will always be measured by what we accomplish together.

Each at bat will be taken and pitch will be made with the team in mind. We will not be obsessed with our individual accomplishments.


A team that always hustles sets a tone. Nothing will come easy for our opponents. They will need to play their best to beat us.

We will always hustle on the field and we will always hustle off.

There will be no easy plays for our opponents. We will always give everything we have. We will be aggressive, but we won’t be careless.

Our opponents will earn every base and every run you score on us. We will hustle to every ball hit in the field.

When the game is over, we want our opponents to always remember us because of the way we play — and a primary focus of this will be our hustle.

We will be AWARE

We will know the count.

We will know how the number of outs. (REMOVE how)

We will know our role and take responsibility for it.

We will develop MENTAL TOUGHNESS

Baseball is a difficult game to master. It can also be an emotional game. We will endeavour to develop the mental toughness (INSERT to) handle failure. We will also learn how to handle success with class.


Of our teammates and coaches because we are all in this together.

Of our opponents and understand that just like us, they will be doing their best to win the game.

Of the umpires because just like us, they can make mistakes too.

Of our opportunity and the privilege that it is to represent Manly because many players have missed out.

We will LEARN from our mistakes

We are not perfect. Not our players, not our coaches and not our parents.

We will make mistakes but we will learn from them.

We will reset, reflect and refocus after any mistake. Each one will be an opportunity to grow.

We will PLAY within the RULES

It is fun to win, but only if that win is something we can be proud of.

We will play within the rules. We will know what is and isn’t allowed, and we will respect those rules.

We will play ethically. Even when there is no rule in place, we will do what is right.


We love the game of baseball, but in the end it’s just that: A GAME!

Baseball will not be more important than our education.

Baseball will not be more important than our family.

And baseball will not be more important than our individual development.

The game of baseball will serve many life lessons along the way, but it will not be our life’s priority.