Representative Baseball Program Coach Expectations


MWDBA – Baseball for All Ages

The Manly Junior Representative Baseball Program has high expectations its coaches and how they interact with and treat our players. The following points outline the things that we insist of from our coaches.


Our coaches are expected to be on time to games and team practices.

Be a positive ROLE MODEL:

Your actions and behaviour is noticeable, especially during games where it is easy to become the centre of attention. It is essential that that you role model positive and respectful behaviour at all times with the understanding that we are endeavouring to develop string moral and ethical values in the players who we care for.


Coaches should have structured training and game day plans that adhere to the Manly Junior Representative Baseball Program philosophy and guidelines.

Coach in a POSITIVE manner:

Positive Coaching underpins the Manly Junior Representative Baseball Program philosophy. Coaches are to learn about and endeavour to use ‘Positive Coaching Psychology’ and a ‘Strength Based Approach’ as the cornerstone of their coaching methodology.


Be properly dressed at all times. It is an honour to wear the Manly Junior Representative Baseball Program Uniform – always treat it with respect.

Desire to be the BEST you can be:

Coaches should be prepared to attend educational development courses and programs and work with the Head Coach to be the best coach that they can be.

Promote and expect POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR and EFFORT:

Players are expected to behave respectfully, positively and to give their best efforts. Ensure that you are consistent and fair in your promotion and expectations around these requirements. This is includes applying any appropriate disciplinary measures in consultation with the Head Coach.

Be totally HONEST and display GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: 

Coaches will be totally honest with players and parents at all times, especially when discussing player performance. Good sportsmanship is a key core value of the program and it is essential that coaches role model this at all times.

RESPECT the game and everyone in it:

Show respect to your fellow coaches, teammates, officials, the opposition and umpires by being well mannered and accepting of everyone and the role that they play.

ASSIST every player to be the BEST that they can be: 

Our coaches commit to doing whatever they can do to assist our players to be the BEST that they can be, now and in the future. This may include driving them and pushing them for their best effort.