Representative Baseball Program Parent Expectations


MWDBA – Baseball for All Ages

MWDBA considers our parents to be a major part of our program. These expectations have been developed to assist you in understanding how to best support your child and our staff during their representative baseball journey at Manly. Failure to adhere to these expectations, or behaviour that is improper, may result in suspension from games and tournaments.

Your ROLE is VITAL: 

Your role is vital to your child’s and the program’s success. Strive to understand the importance of “TEAM” and that everyone has a role to play no matter how minor it may seem at times.

Let the COACH do the COACHING

Please refrain from coaching your child during games and team practice sessions unless you are one of the official coaches of the team. 

Be POSITIVE with your child:

Let them know this by emphasising that simply being part of this program is an accomplishment. Please help your child focus on the positives and their strengths. There is an abundance of evidence that proves that this approach will improve performance.


A good work ethic is one of the key foundations of the Manly Junior Representative Baseball Program. Everyone can control effort. Full effort will lead to doing your best – that is all we will ever ask.

Be LOYAL to the PROGRAM and to the COACHES:

Parental support of the program and the coach’s decisions are important in not sending players mixed messages. Support your child in meeting player expectations.

Be positive with all PLAYERS, COACHES, OFFICIALS and PARENTS in the Program

Parental support of all the people involved in the of the team is important. Positive comments help the “TEAM” concept thrive.

Be a positive ROLE MODEL

Your actions and behaviour is noticeable. Be a good positive role model for your child and other program members. That includes how you treat and respond to staff, umpires and umpiring decisions.

Endeavor to LEARN and UNDERSTAND the RULES

A parent that has a good understanding of the rules of the game is well placed to make informed comments about the game, coaching decisions, and umpire’s rulings.

Your child has a VOICE that we want to develop

Encourage your child to use their voice. We want them to come to us with questions and to seek clarification on any issues or concerns that they may have.


It is OK to for you to ask questions of our staff but please do it in a calm and respectful manner. If you can’t do this our staff will politely remove themselves from the conversation.