Code of Conduct


MWDBA – Baseball for All Ages

Privacy Statement

The information you provide in your registration will be used to provide services for you and for the purposes of registration, participation, team selection and insurance. It will be passed onto Baseball NSW, the ABF and the ABF’s insurer.

Your information may also be shared with organisations associated with the sport of baseball, including but not limited to the Australian Sports Commission.

We will not however, share your personal contact details with any third party for their commercial use.

Medical Insurance Recommendation:
Details of insurance coverage can be found here or on BNSW website. It is recommended that players have their own private health insurance cover.


As an individual, while participating in any MWDBA competition I will:

Play by the rules of the competition.

Accept the recommendations of the competition under which I play regarding safe play & equipment.
Never argue with an official, or an umpire and accept their decisions as being fair and called to the best of their ability.

Not consume/use any unapproved substance as governed by law and council ground restrictions. This includes cigarettes, alcohol, chewing tobacco or drugs (other than those legally prescribed by a physician).

Control my temper. I recognise that swearing or verbal abuse of officials, other players or spectators will not be tolerated.

Not cause any loss or damage to private property or cause a disturbance to others.
Not invite/allow anyone other than team personnel to remain in restricted areas such as the dugout unless they have the express permission of Manly Warringah District Baseball management.
Refrain from conduct which could be regarded as harassment towards fellow players and coaches.
I understand I will be subject to disciplinary action should I breach this agreement. MWDBA has a ZERO tolerance policy.