Secretary Role Application

Join the Team as the MWDBA Secretary

The secretary is responsible for effective maintenance and management of records of the Committee and to assist the Chairman to perform Committee duties.

The secretary is required to:

  • Ensure that the records of the Committee are maintained and made available when required by authorised persons;
  • Maintain the registers and any other statutory documents/requirements;
  • Give proper notification of meetings. Develop and distribute an agenda prior to meetings, in consultation with Committee members;
  • Manage written Minutes of Committee meetings and distribute to members in a timely manner in addition to providing summaries as required;
  • Assist with development of aims and relevant business and strategic plans to achieve the goals of the Committee;
  • Manage general incoming and outgoing correspondence and ensure that accurate and sufficient documentation exists;
  • Ensure written handover of all relevant information to the incoming secretary;

For questions or concers please click here to email the MWDBA Chairman.