Try Minor League!

27 Aug 2019

Try Minor League!

Hi! I’m Michelle.

I’d like to introduce you to Manly Warringah Minor League Baseball. Minor League is a graded baseball competition for people aged over 15 years. It is a logical progression from junior baseball and beginners of all ages are welcome.

Minor League is a relaxed, friendly, baseball community, where the old teach the young, the young teach the old and everyone learns and grows together in a supportive environment. There is a place for everyone.

We can help you find the right team in a grade to suit your ability with opportunities to trial for selection in our State League teams.

Our new Summer 2nd grade is the perfect place to transition to adult baseball, dust off an old glove and get back into the game, or, if you’re tired of watching the kids from the sidelines, give it a go yourself?

No experience required, but an amazing experience is guaranteed!

Our summer season is approaching fast and runs September to March (dates to be confirmed).

Registrations are now open

For further enquiries please contact me:

Try Minor League! See you soon.

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