Slider Not Working?

8 Apr 2019

Slider Not Working?

In this article, you’ll learn what to do when your slider isn’t working and how to get your control back.

The most important assets a pitcher can possess is good control, which means having command of his various pitches.

Yet, we all know most pitchers experience a loss of command on certain pitches within a game, or even within an inning.

Successful and more experienced pitchers know how to make proper and quick game adjustments with their arm action, grip, finger pressure or release point. They know themselves, understand their usual problem, and know what to adjust to work best for them on a particular pitch.

In the list below, I am listing some common problems that many pitchers experience with the slider, some techniques which often cause the problem, and various adjustments which may be effective for a pitcher.

Game Adjustments with the Slider

Poor break
Caused by: Grip too lose, palm of hand faces batter, lack of finger and thumb action
Adjustment: Firm grip slightly deeper than FB, off-center ball, 1/4 inward turn of the hand and wrist, fingers cut down thru outside
Slider Backs Up
Caused by: Fingers on side or under the ball, wrist turns under ball, arm slot too wide
Adjustment: 1st finger pressure at 1 o’clock, cuts down thru, wrist flexes forward and downward, use FB arm action and arm slot
Lack of Normal Velocity
Caused by: Ball gripped too loose, ball choked too deep, stiff wrist action
Adjustment: Firm finger and thumb pressure, Space between thumb and 1st finger, loose wrist and forearm

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